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Before You Visit

1. Register as a trampoline club athlete – for insurance purposes, we require a current AAU membership

  • Go to

  • Choose your age group, youth is under 20

  • IMPORTANT – Check YES, you are a part of a sports club

  • IMPORTANT – Input club code WYEY74

  • Youth membership is $14/yr, adult, $24/yr

* If you need to, you can reach AAU at 407.934.7200

2. Sign the waivers at the front desk, or print and bring it with you

* The downloadable waiver is here for your reference. Signing at Snowcreek’s front desk is all you need to do.

3. Attend Orientation

  • We require every athlete to complete a First Time Bouncer Orientation regardless of previous trampoline experience. This is a quick review of the facility rules as well as some trampoline basics.

What is AAU? Why are you required to sign up to bounce in our facility?
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